Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui
Practitioners Certificate Course

Intensive training in Feng Shui for the Southern Hemisphere ONLINE with Roger Green

Based on unique adaptions to the energy flows of the Southern Hemisphere developed by Roger Green

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Learn the principles on how to change and apply:

  • The Southern Hemiphere Ba Gua Trigrams
  • Ming gua astrology calculations
  • The Ba zhai - 8 house method
  • Use the Lopan compass designed for the Southern Hemisphere
  • Recreate the Magic Square and other ancient energy mandalas for the Southern Hemisphere
  • Calculate the 4 pillars horoscope for clients born in the Southern Hemisphere
  • Apply Flying Star Charts for the Southern Hemiphere
  • Discover how to realign Time and Space for the Flying Star Chart techniques
  • Realise why this MAKES 100% sense
  • Create ENERGETIC DESIGN principles and recommendations for your southern hemisphere clients


On completion of the 6 module training course, STUDENTS are completely trained in the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE approach- through trainings in the class- and access to formulates and techniques in the WORKBOOK

Note: All of these calculations and application are covered in the NY in-house/online curriculum, and are in the workshops you received in the training

This training gives you more insights and covers more examples of applying Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui

learning feng shui

Become a licensed qualified Feng Shui Practitioner for the SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE

This information is only available to students completing Roger Greens trainings and is not published to the general public.

Each technique being covered has a unique comprehensive workbook based on 25 years research and practical involment by Roger Green.

All the Southern Hemipshere Feng Shui calculations are intellectual property of Roger Green and have international copyright protection.

About Feng Shui

The Taoist’s elegant yet scientific approach to looking at nature allowed them to formulate some profoundly rational principles. In many cases it confirms our own instinctive ideas about what makes a happy and productive environment. Feng Shui builds on this intuition through the understanding of sound principles, allowing us to maximize beneficial energy flow, ideally in a way that is harmonious with our own unique culture, values, beliefs- for both the northern and southern hemispheres!

“Feng Shui is about harnessing chi, the life-force energy that ripples water, creates mountains and propels us along our life pathway. With an understanding of Feng Shui comes the recognition of the vital connection between person and place, health, success and happiness.”

- Roger Green, Founder and Director, Sydney School of Feng Shui

If you want to

  • Understand life force energy and the balance and harmony of the mind-body connection…
  • Create life-sustaining spaces that positively impact one's health, lifestyle, and the environment…
  • Apply your time and energy in a career that helps others rejuvenate, flourish and thrive…
  • Become a certified Feng Shui Practitioner at the Sydney School of Feng Shui.
  • There is no better time than now to begin your journey.

“What an awakening! This course enlightened me deeply, giving me far more than I could imagine. I couldn't have had a better guide for exploring the natural principles of Feng Shui.”

- Anyo Beaupere, 2003 Graduate

“ Roger Green opens a life's journey into Feng Shui. He teaches with rampant enthusiasm & his intuitive knowledge appears to have no boundaries. The course is soul inspiring. An absolute gem! I would do it again.”

-  Ian

Take this opportunity to study with a pioneer of Feng Shui in the west.

Roger GreenRoger Green is recognised as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on Feng Shui. A lively and enthusiastic teaching style, he illuminates and explores the deeper principles and underlying wisdom of this ancient philosophy. Integrating the various schools of Feng Shui into a creative, flexible and holistic approach, he is a pioneer of Feng Shui in the west, having been the first to teach classical Feng Shui methods in Europe, London and America. He was the first to develop a western english Lo pan compass, and seminars to teach the 4 pillars, flying star, lo pan and ba zhai and other classical feng shui methods. He is the author of the best selling The I Ching Workbook.

Roger Green was the first to establish an effective protocol to apply feng shui to the southern hemisphere,  and has taught in over 50 countries and trained hundreds of Feng Shui practitioners worldwide.

He currently teaches his curriclum with the New York School of Feng Shui, and is the Director of the Academy Sacred Geometry and the Academy Healing Nutrition.

studentsIn the past, he has been the Founder and Director of the European, London, Sydney and San Francisco Schools of Feng Shui.  In 1996, Roger organised the first ever Feng Shui study tour of China. Since then, he has organised several study tours to China, India, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Tibet, Mexico and Peru and has sponsored International Feng Shui, Ecology and Sacred Geometry Conferences in Prague, Zurich, Melbourne, Budapest, San Diego, San Luis Obispo and New England. Over the last seven years he has hosted a retreat in South France, exploring the deep secrets of the western esoteric traditions and mystery schools and sacred sites.

This course is offered only by ONLINE TRAINING because of Roger's busy schedule, so take the opportunity to train yourself completely in the Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui techniques, and become a qualified Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui Practitioner.

classroomOur time-tested curriculum integrates the richness of eastern philosophies with innovative western techniques. It balances ancient traditions with modern knowledge, and analytical thinking with intuitive being. You will gain insight into the treasures of Taoist Philosophy as we explore the limitless possibilities for enriching our lives by applying the principles of the ancient Art and Philosophy of Feng Shui to our contemporary lives. Our principle based non-dogmatic teaching inspires students to reach new heights. Once mastered, these principles become a catalyst for personal, community and global transformation This intensive is taught in Roger’s concise and inimitable style, and is filled with universal wisdom, and clarity of purpose.

" A week later I'm still ‘coming down’ from our truly inspiring training with Roger, which, I feel, has opened a new chapter in my life. It was trulywonderful. I feel so fortunate to be part of this program".

– Jessica

“No one covers this subject as clearly as Roger Green. Some of the subject matter is quite intense. Roger’s Light hearted generous and very insightful teaching style opens the door to maximum understanding for the students. Also his explanation of Southern Hemisphere Feng Shui will make a believer out of you”. 

Topics covered in the practitioners Intensive trainings modules 1-6:

  • classroomThe Feng Shui Journey
  • Exploration of the origins and history of Feng Shui
  • The different schools of Feng Shui, and how they work together
  • Understanding of the Taoist (daoist) Art of Design
  • Wind and Water Cosmology
  • Feng Shui Astrology
  • Form School and Compass School
  • The dynamics of yin and yang
  • The five elements
  • Explanation of the underlying principles that allow Feng Shui to work
  • Environmental awareness and solar architecture
  • How to design for the best energetic qualities for health and prosperity
  • Maximizing Sheng Chi (useful,positive energies)
  • minimizing Sha Chi (harmful or stagnant energies)
  • Analysis of sites, buildings and individual rooms
  • Assess the “form school” of your environment and make the necessary adjustments
  • compassDesign strategies for home, business and office
  • Space clearing principles and techniques
  • Secure health and vitality for yourself and family
  • The Southern Hemishere Trigrams
  • Later and Early Heaven Trigrams mandalas
  • Special adaptions created by Roger Green for the Ming Gua, Ba Gua and Ba Zhai methods for THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE
  • Basic floor plan layout
  • Ideal color choices
  • Ideal bed orientation
  • Ideal orientation of desk for home or professional office
  • Ideal location for Master Bedroom
  • Ideal locations for maximum prosperity
  • Ideal location for water features
  • The use of the Southern Hemisphere Lopan compass
  • Compass Feng Shui for northern and southern hemisphere
  • Constructing the Bagua (North and South)
  • The origins of the Lo Shu magic square
  • Ming Gua method (auspicious direction for the self)
  • Ba Zhai method (auspicious directions for the structure)
  • East and West life groupings
  • Integrating Ming Gua and Ba Zhai with Form School assessment
  • Reading the Lo Shu portents from the Lopan Compass
  • Balancing the Lo Shu portents
  • The trigrams and the I Ching
  • Construct a flying star chart for the southern hemisphere
  • Taoist alchemy
  • Directionality and travel
  • Discover the arrangement of the 28 lunar mansions
  • Determine auspicious water locations 

"Any human willing to wrestle the scaffolding of ancient traditions with Certainty and Truth is beyond any accolade I could write of. OF COURSE the Southern Hemisphere is to be -----included. It is astonishing to think so otherwise. Roger having stepped outside of The Box with earnest intention, knocking down the walls of Tradition is beyond remarkable. The Southern Hemisphere is now on the map of feng shui, thanks to this kind and brilliant man." I am honored to have been in the company of such a person. Being in your class was one of those lifetime Great Experiences. Without a doubt, the level of education I expected to receive was surpassed in spades. It is my only hope that I can walk the Talk of my Teachers as I move forward into my dream."
-Yasmin Caminiti

"Roger is very eloquent with words, therefore able to teach in a manner which is tangible and easy to comprehend. I remained interested and enthusiastic about the material all throughout the days during the long weekend. His enthusiasm and knowledge is contagious! Thank you for everything, Roger!"
-Caitlin Hevia


Feng Shui Horoscope - the  4 Pillars  of Destiny

In this section of the Intensive training we enter into the fascinating study of a very important system based on Taoist Metaphysics and Cosmology. Used extensively by Feng Shui experts in China, Hong Kong and Taiwan, Four Pillars is an ancient system that reveals aspects of destiny, constitutional dynamics, and beneficial elements. This sophisticated method is as useful for deriving important and very personal Feng Shui information about Feng Shui clients as well as clearly revealing aspects of their character. Armed with superior knowledge of their clients and their needs, the practitioner can optimize the relevance and results of the consultation.

Four pillars is an ancient system of constructing a Horoscope based on the “Heavenly Stems” and “Earthly Branches” at the hour, day, month and year of birth.  Interpretation is the result of examining the manner in which the elements and animal archetypes contained in the charts interact with aspects within the chart as well as conditions in the world.

classroomYou will learn how to master the unique calculations developed by Roger Green for clients born in the Southern Hemisphere

  • Calculate the Natal Four Pillars chart
  • Calculate the Ten Year Luck cycles chart
  • Calculate annual Pillars charts
  • Calculate daily pillars charts
  • Calculate charts for Northern and Southern Hemispheres
  • Understand the significance of Earthly Branches and Heavenly Stems
  • Analyze Four Pillars charts to determine strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand which animal archetypes interact supportively
  • Understand which animal archetype combinations should be avoided
  • Understand special charts and their implications

Four Pillars knowledge will enable you to:

  • Determine the quality of Chi at the moments of birth; tendencies that we maintain through our life
  • Determine tendencies in past, present, and future decades
  • roger teachingDetermine tendencies for specific years
  • Determine tendencies for specific days
  • Determine beneficial and harmful elements for Feng Shui
  • Understand the element balance in an individual’s natal chart
  • Determine the best choices for romance and Marriage
  • Determine the greatest chances for prosperity
  • Understand how to improve power in your life
  • Understand how to increase creativity
  • Understand special challenges in your life
  • How to best moderate your energy
  • Determine auspicious and inauspicious timing for specific activities
  • Determine the best colors and design configuration for an individual
  • Discover relevant health information
  • Understand the implications of certain element and animal combinations
  • Determine character, education, intelligence, talent
  • Determine key information about family relationships

 “I have been learning Flying Stars for 3 years and have studied with several of the other teachers including a correspondence course. Only after taking this workshop with Roger Green have I been truly able to put it all together.”

“It was like reading a good book, the characters are built up, the surprise builds, the plot is revealed, and one gets the ‘ah-ha’ moment. I enjoyed how the layers of information led into something meaningful.” 

4 Pillars Class, San Francisco,  May 2004

“This program acquainted me with the underpinnings of energy and its structure. I'm beginning to recognize nature as expressions of fractal patterns, and can see the physics that have powered Feng Shui for thousands of years.”

- Lynne McAlister, 2007 Graduate

Roger teachingRoger Green is a pioneer of Four Pillars in Western culture, having introduced these methods for the first time to thousands of students in Europe, UK, USA and Australia. He created the first effective protocols for 100% correct chart calculations, stressing the importance of determining correct local solar time and by developing the appropriate adaptation for calculating Southern Hemisphere charts.  This has never been accomplished before in history.

Included with this course is an extensive step by step manual for calculating and interpreting Four Pillars; which is not available anywhere else and contains Roger’s simplified technique for creating Four Pillars and Luck Pillars charts.

The winning points of our program integration:

opera house1. We combine the most vital aspects of Classical Feng Shui with the best from other traditions.  Completely compatible and will enhance any previous training.

2. Heaven, Earth and Humanity - Exploring and mastering of ancient and modern metaphysics and cosmology

3. Emphasis on personal and professional development - Health, healing and relationships. Working with intention and attraction.  Creating your dream business your way.

4. Unique time-tested Southern Hemisphere feng Shui Formulas

5. Knowledge and mentorship  - working closely with Roger Green. Roger is a Legend in Feng Shui and related fields and is considered by many to be the most experienced and knowledgable teacher of these subjects.

“the information you shared with us was truly amazing. And the manner in which you inspire understanding is remarkable! I cannot believe how much I got out of just four days. I learned more in Module One than the sum of everything I have learned about Feng Shui so far in my life.  Everything came together and somehow you were able to impart a true wholeness to this often segmented and confusing Art”

- Jan , Interior Designer, CA

This was the most comprehensive training a Feng Shui practictioner could get. We are prepared to offer clients a full spectrum of options when asked to enter their living or working space. I am grateful for the experience and encourages to choose the same path.

Many blessings, Barbara

A brief intro to Southern Hemisphere feng Shui by Dr. Sandy Bond, a Perth based Feng Shui practitioner

chinese zodiacRoger Green, a pioneer of classical Feng Shui methods in the West, was one of the first to teach it in Europe, London and America in the early 1990s. He was one of the first to develop a western Luo-pan compass, and has also developed a unique system of Feng Shui for the Southern hemisphere.

Interestingly, despite the obvious differences between Northern and Southern hemispheres (for example, air and water currents move in different directions; the planets and stars seen in the night sky are different; the cold winds come from different directions; the sunniest side of a building is different) there is ongoing debate amongst some of the best known and credible Feng Shui practitioners and teachers worldwide as to whether to alter the various ancient formulas to suit the Southern Hemisphere.

We must keep in mind that Feng Shui is both an art and a science that has been developing over thousands of years. We cannot ignorantly assume that this knowledge has reached its full potential and will cease to grow. Indeed, we live in a rapidly changing world that introduces many new challenges in the way we live and work including dealing with modern technology and the electromagnetic fields this produces, producing and consuming new foods, chemicals and medicines with unknown side effects, etc. Feng Shui principles must be developed, or refined, to meet these challenges. This is what was done in ancient China where many formulae frameworks were developed and refined to meet changing conditions and different geographic regions.

It should be clear from the foregoing that the development and refinement of Feng Shui must be ongoing. This requires a scientific approach consisting of evidence-based research (live case studies and experiments). Fortunately, Feng Shui Masters such as Roger Green are conducting research.

We need to seek truth from the facts and be practical and realistic with our approach to the study of Feng Shui. Our conclusions should come from thorough analytical research and we should continue to refine our conclusions all the time. Traditional knowledge will only survive if we make it useful and relevant to our modern needs.

Be inspired, uplifted and energized through cutting-edge knowledge.

Read Feng Shui for The Southern Hemisphere by Roger Green.


Testimonials from one of the longest established Classical Feng Shui curriculum...

“I just read through your information on Feng Shui in the southern hemisphere and wanted to thank you for the quality of your writing. I am moving house in Melbourne and I've been using the approach you describe for 2 years following a period of trying to live with the conventional method for the northern hemisphere. I found the difference to be enormous, but don't seem to rub shoulders with many people of like mind. Your explanation makes me feel comfortable with what I have done. Thanks for taking the time to read ths message, and for your brilliant article on the website. With Best Wishes, Dean Sky-Lucas” - Melbourne Australia

classroomDear Roger, My language is not perfect, I feel more than I can express…
Roger’s “Learn Tao” course really made a connection for me, Feng Shui Practitioner, with Chinese Traditional Medicine and created a holistic view on a person within an environment. It helped me to address my own health issues and see my friends and clients health problems in a new way. I felt like I found the answers that I’ve been searching for years. I’ve done a lot of research and study before I’ve met Roger Green and the depth of his knowledge really impressed me. I thought I will take a course or two from him, but I could not stop, I ended up taking all of them. He is full of knowledge and wisdom, he is humble and humorous, perhaps, like a Real Taoist Master and Teacher should be.  Natalia Kaylin (URKAINE)

“You would be so proud of me as I am being flown to Kentucky - all expenses paid for my first full paying consultation. This woman's house burned down 9 months ago leaving only the foundation. She has already rebuilt the house and is soon to move back in when she found me. I have also been practicing on other people and just did one of my acupuncturists home and spent 5 hours with her. It is amazing when you do a combination of the 4 Pillars with the home. This is truly healing on a deep level.Thank you so much for this ancient wisdom and being in my life.” - Melanie

“ I'm studying Feng Shui with Roger Green from Australia. He's the best teacher of any subject that I've ever encountered!  The amount of information that he brought into that short introduction to this work was incredible. But more importantly, he instills this incredible sense of joy, wholeness, hope and fun into life! He has a great Australian accent, has a wonderful sense of humor, and teaches ancient wisdom that we all recognize, but have forgotten.” -Nancy, Yoga School Manager

tigerNo gimmicks here.  This was a true educational experience. The importance of knowing why certain treatments and cures work is stressed.  Roger Green is a master feng shui practitioner who generously shares his life experience and knowledge of this ancient chinese art with his students with humor and with grace and ease.  By the end of the course work I was confident that I had the tools and the knowledge necessary to be of service to people interested in "being feng shuied". -Melissa Moorer Nobles

“Roger is a powerhouse of wisdom! His teachings style is down-to-earth and easy to understand, as well as knowledgeable and entertaining. It’s a great balance for learning from him whether you’re a beginner or advanced student.” ~Caroline Patrick,  USA

“Roger Green brings a wealth of both deep and wide knowledge, presented in a very non-dogmatic, non-judgmental way. He requires that the students learn to operate/learn from their own innate intelligence.”~Keatin Holly

“Roger Green is a brilliant, inspiring teacher who has unique ability to deliver a profound Eastern philosophy to a western audience in a clear and understandable, useable format. I have experienced many teachers in this area; Roger is one of the best.” ~TeRumi Leinow, CA 

“Roger’s clarity and naturalness in teachings, along with his politeness with his audience is always worth it.” ~Nancy Bennett

From the day I met Roger, I knew I wanted to deepen my study of Feng Shui and I wanted to do that with him. Of all the programs I have studied thus far, Roger’s mastery exceeds the quality and essence of Feng Shui. Rogers' ego never gets in the way of his teaching and he gives freely, with sincerity, his wisdom. I know my practice willl transcend to a higher quality of expertise - Kathleen Horvath

“Roger has a wonderful way of easily and articulately conveying the information. He is a natural teacher. I have studied with several other Feng Shui teachers in the past and Rogers' classes have enriched my skills and helped take my practice to a greater level.- Laura Schlarb


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