Affiliated Curriculums - Created and Directed by Roger Green

New York School of Feng Shui

Offering seminars and professional training in Classical Feng Shui. We integrate many aspects of classical Feng Shui, health and ecological awareness, space clearing, Sacred Geometry and other topics into a time-tested certificate practitioner course. Begins October of each year.

Now also available ONLINE


The Academy of Healing Nutrition

Sister curriculum to Feng Shui Seminars. Practitioner training in holistic health Counseling and Nutritional Coaching. Held in New York and Sydney.

Now also available ONLINE



The Academy of Sacred Geometry

Practitioner courses in Sacred Geometry
We weave and combine many aspects of Sacred Geometry, Alchemy, Eco-Design and Deep Ecology, Bio-Architecture, Art, Implosion and the new energy technologies, the Golden Mean Philosophies, Sustainable Environments, Spiritual Practices and Natural Healing, Transpersonal Experiences, the practices of Longevity, Immortality and successful dying, Bio-Feedback and much much more.

Many seminars are now available online




ONLINE trainings available

Practitioner courses in Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry and Nutritional counselling, as well as retreats, tours, conferences, with dozens of teachers

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Breakthru-Technologies and the Fractal Field Technologies

Technology is evolving - are you?

We bring together the worlds leading team of scientists that are emerging on the cutting edge of  Implosion Technologies. We are committed to developing innovation in agriculture, water treatments, sustainability, and alternative energy production. A collaboration of visionaries, scientists, industry, and investors. A forum for brilliant ideas, technology and new paradigm thinking.

visit: Water treatment at its best Creating Renewable carbon neutral Ethanol Conferences and think tanks View several cutting edge technologies using 'implosion and sacred geometry'



Other Schools using Roger Green's Feng Shui curriculum

Prague School of Feng Shui

Founded in 1998 by Roger Green

The Prague school has been sponsoring Roger Greens Feng Shui curriculum for over 10 years.
Each year, Roger has taught approximately 1-2 modules per year, with other modules being taught by the schools director, Radka Hozmanova



Minnesota: Wind and water school of Feng Shui

Carole J. Hyder offers a two-year training in Black Sect Feng Shui, licensed by the MN Higher Education Services Office. Carole has trained with Professor Thomas Lin Yun as well as Roger Green and offers Modules 1 and 2 of Roger's training program. She is the author of two books, Wind and Water and Living Feng Shui, and a video entitled The Science of Feng Shui: How and Why it Works.

(612) 823-5093


European Schools associated with Roger Green's curriculum

London School of Feng Shui

Offering seminars and professional training in Classical Feng Shui, including health retreats, study tours and conferences. Teachers: Roger Green and Christian Kyriacou

44-(0) 7790 906 977


Netherlands European School of Feng Shui

Offers Feng Shui seminars / professional training, and workshops/training: Sacred Geometry, Baubiology, Energy Clearing and Shamanism.

contact: Frans van Til,



Offers Feng Shui seminars, education, consultations in classical Feng Shui and workshops in Space Clearing and Baubiology and dowsing.

contact: Charlotta Ek-Åhrberg,


New Zealand School of Feng Shui

Practitioner Training in association with Roger Green, Introductory Classes, Consultations for Homes, Businesses and Gardens, Chinese Astrology and I Ching Readings.

contact: Paul van Wetering,


South America: Argentina - Centro Argentino de Feng-hui

The Argentine Feng-Shui Center offers courses, workshops, seminars and free conferences. Decoration and Interior Design is offered to our clients under Feng-Shui Concepts. We provide home as well as office consultancy.

contact:, 0-54-2320-492412.


Ireland: Michael Rice

Holistic architect Michael Rice offers seminars, education, consultations in Sacred Geometry and classical Feng Shui.

Michael Rice, Bioarchitect
BioArchitecture, Ireland
Skype: BioArchitecture
Phone: +353 87 2753585


Southern Hemisphere Schools associated with Roger Green's curriculum

Sydney School of Feng Shui

Offering seminars and professional training in Classical Feng Shui and The Academy of Healing Nutrition practitioner programs, including health retreats, study tours and conferences.

Phone: 0408 701 888


Other Links

Sacred Geometry with Dan Winter

Coherent Emotion and the Science of Compassion / Consciousness

Main website:



New York: Janus Welton, AIA, BBEI, Architect

Eco-Arch DesignWorks

Phone/Fax (845) 247-4620
Director, Hudson River Catskill Mountain International Feng Shui Guild
Instructor, New York School of Feng Shui
P.O.Box 86 Woodstock, N.Y. 12498

Carol Cannon

Feng Shui and Healthy Building consulting is available for new construction and renovation projects.

Local: 1-610-871-0862
Toll Free: 1-866-FEN-SHUI (336-7484)


North Carolina: Alice F.Dodson Architect

Architectural design for healthy and harmonious living. We are a residential design firm, experienced in:
Solar and environmental design, "Building-biology"
Feng Shui and Sacred Geometry applications

contact: (828) 645-9326



Red Alchemy

Internationally and in the New York area

Tel: 917 497 1739


The Australian School of Tantra

The Australian School of Tantra offers Tantric sex tuition, workshops, seminars, correspondence courses, videos, DVD's , books and audio tapes for men, women and couples.

contact: Diane Riley, (02) 9974 4724


Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Places of the World

Anthropologist and National Geographic photographer Martin Gray has visited and studied more than 1000 holy and magical places in 80 countries. This comprehensive web site features hundreds of his art photographs, insightful writings on archaeoastronomy and sacred geography, the largest listing of sacred sites ever published, and links to related web sites.

websites: and


Living Tao

Living Tao courses and individual sessions offer in depth transformational work for those who wish to heal and grow in their lives and relationships and in relationship to nature and the earth. Through the sessions and courses you will find freedom, deep inner knowing, peace, love and empowerment. All in a beautiful rural environment in the Vale of Avalon, Glastonbury, UK