Feng Shui

The History of Feng Shui - A web of time and change
History of the Feng Shui Compass - by Roger Green
Feng Shui for the Southern Hemisphere - by Roger Green

Sacred Geometry

Q & A with Michael Rice
Heartlink Update
Dowsing and Feng Shui
Articles by Dan Winter
Bibliographic suggestions - by Dan Winter
Glossary of terms - by Dan Winter
Dan Winter syllabus

South France Mysteries and The Holy Grail

south of france



Healing Through Architecture & Music - by Balwant Saini
From Grey to Green: Creating Healthy Buildings - by Balwant Saini
Healing Homes with Feng Shui and Ecology - By Janus Welton

Vastu Shastra

Tradition and Modernity
Re-interpreting Vaastu - by Shashikala Ananth
Reflections - by Shashikala Ananth
The Place of Tradition in Design Sensibility - by Sashikala Ananth
Spontaneous Art in its Multiple Dimensions - by Shashikala Ananth
Sacred Architecture - by Sashikala Ananth
Temple Symbols - by Balwant Saini
Ancient Symbols in Architecture - by Balwant Saini