Roger Green

Roger is recognized as one of the world's most innovative and dynamic teachers on Feng Shui. He is a pioneer of Feng Shui in the west, having been one of the first to teach classical Feng Shui methods in Europe, London and America. He has taught in over 40 countries and 200 cities, and has trained hundreds of practitioners. Read more

Michael Rice

Michael has an architectural practice and specializes in environmentally sensitive design using Feng Shui, Sacred Geometry, Space Clearing, Divining, Martial Arts and Natural Healing. Read more

Vincent Bridges

Vincent Bridges is a well known author and researcher in the USA. He was featured on the History Channel's documentary Nostradamus: 500 Years Later which first aired in December 2003 as the on-camera tour guide and Historical Consultant. Read more i

Christian Kyriacou

Christian is an architect, Interior Designer, Composer and Feng Shui Consultant. He has run his own professional architectural practice since 1970, designing major public projects including Kew College School in Surrey, 31 British airports including Heathrow and Gatwick, restaurants, healing centres, educational and residential structures as well as residential premises. Read more

Janus Welton

Janus combines a thorough knowledge of Feng Shui with Environmentally Sustainable Architectural and Interior Design. Read more

Anthony Ashworth

Anthony is an environmental alchemist and actively incorporates ancient energy systems such as Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra and principles of "Wabi Sabi" (the Zen of things) into his work. He is a qualified and experienced Feng Shui consultant/educator, architectural building and interior designer. Read more

Alex Stark

Alex is a consultant, advisor, and teacher on issues of transformation, creativity, healing, and environmental harmony. A graduate of the Yale University School of Architecture, he is a practitioner of Feng Shui and oriental geomancy and astrology. Read more

Raymond Lo

Raymond Lo, popularly known as "Fung Shui Lo", is a professional feng shui and destiny consultant, author and lecturer, who helps people create harmony with their environment, for greater relationships, health, wealth and success. Read more arrow

Dan Winter

Regarded as one of the most dynamic thinkers of our time, American-born Dan Winter is an internationally respected academic, physicist, author, accomplished keyboard artist, master animator, inventor and one of the foremost authorities on Sacred Geometry and the Scientific Nature of Consciousness. Read more

Patricia Michael

Patricia is an environmental consultant and teacher of design for over twenty years. She has been Vice Chancellor of the International Permaculture Academy, professor of architecture, and is the owner of an environmental design consulting practice. Read more

Melanie & Robert Sachs

Melanie and Robert teach vedic healing methods and operates Diamond Way Ayurveda. Melanie's skills as a teacher and therapist have made her sought after by some of the world's leading spas and beauty schools. Robert is an internationally known author and expert in Nine-Star Ki astrology. Read more

Stephen Scott

Stephen is a licensed electrical contractor and licensed general contractor, professionally involved in EMF survey, abatement, and design work. Read more


Jain is an author and teacher from Australia who has achieved Mastery in disciplines of Ancient Knowledge that have been held secret, or hidden for thousands of years. His presentation is lively whimsical and filled with entertaining fun and magic. He also continues his research into Sacred Geometry, Magic Squares, Platonic Solids, Fibonacci Sequences and their relationship with various atomic structures. Read more

Alison Wilson

Alison is a certified Classical Feng Shui Practitioner, and Building Biologist, and also holds a Diploma in Energetic Healing. Her further studies over the years have been extensive and include Chinese Medicine, Geopathology, Sacred Geometry, Space & Personal Clearing and Food Energetics.
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John Lloyd

John Lloyd has been a student of sacred geometry for the past 20 years studying with Keith Critchlow, Michael Schneider, John Michell, Gyorgy Doczi. He studied creativity and group process with Jean Houston for 10 years in her mystery school and has a BFA from Tufts University/Boston Museum School.
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Karl Lorenzen

Karl Lorenzen is a well known sacred geometry teacher in the New York area and is a published poet, musician and an artist. He has studied Art in New York, California and New Jersey.
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Zeeba Mehta

Zeeba is an artist, metaphysical teacher, and multi-dimensional healer.  She has studied various healing modalities, ideologies, and philosophies, traveling around the world from an early age. Zeeba is an urban shaman, bridging the gap between the seen and the unseen worlds using tools and techniques she has learned and honed over time. Her multi-modal practice specializes in shedding "stuckness" and removing blockages on all levels.
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Carol Venolia

Carol Venolia is an architect and educator who has been involved with ecological building for over thirty years. Named a Green Design Trailblazer by Natural Home & Garden Magazine, she has designed numerous context-responsive homes of straw, earth, and "good wood" and consulted on schools, healing centers, and eco-villages.
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Marsha S. Andreola

Marsha has been formally studying Sacred Geometry since 1996, and has been teaching Sacred Geometry Drawing since 2000.  Her orientation is to teach the basic Principles of Sacred Geometry through the traditional practice of drawing Geometric patterns using a compass and a straight edge.  Marsha's background is in art and education. 
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Tracey Stanton

Tracey Stanton is one of only a handful of people in the world currently authorized to teach the Space Clearing & Clutter Clearing workshops of best selling author and Space Clearing Pioneer, Karen Kingston. A passionate and inspiring teacher, she combines a wonderfully fun approach to Clutter Clearing with the wisdom of years of experience conducting consultations in a wide variety of homes and businesses around the world.
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Marnie Muller

Specializes in sharing "hands-on" experiential principles of this ancient geometry with participants of all ages Marnie Muller, MLA, has immersed herself in the love of geometry and the ancient mystery traditions since the 1960's. In particular, she is interested in how kinesthetic /body wisdom awareness of these universal geometric forms and their interpenetrating and metamorphic qualities help stabilize the possibility for the human to exist as Body-Soul-Spirit and be in conscious co-participation and resonance with Heaven Above, Earth Below. She extensively studies ancient sacred geometry with Keith Critchlow, Randall Carlson, Robert L. Powell, Sr. and others and also includes the ancient Sophianic Wisdom tradition in her orb.
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Mark Hanf

Mark Hanf is a teacher and professional artist who lives and works near Asheville, NC. His work tells a visual story and attempts to illuminate interconnectedness through the organic and geometric patterns inherent in nature. Mark attended the NC Governor’s School of Mathematics where he studied fractal and non-Euclidian geometry. He received his degree in visual arts from Davidson College where he explored two and three-dimensional forms through acrylic painting, glass and wood.
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Jean Haner

Jean Haner is the founder of Clear Home, Clear Heart, and has worked in the field of subtle energy for 30 years. A natural intuitive empath, she is able to physically feel and work with the energy of an environment or a person.
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Lily Chung

Lily is a world renowned expert in Eastern Metaphysics, specializing in Four Pillars and the I Ching. She is the author of the pioneering 4 pillars astrology book: Meng – Path to Good Fortune.
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Marlyna Los

Marlyna Los is trained in the classical methods of Feng Shui. Her early studies started with the modern and western methods of Feng Shui. These methods do not use a compass or calculations and are largely based on intuition. Her studies continued to the more complex and abstract methods of Classical Feng Shui. She learned that astrology and a compass is integral to a consultation. She learned that much of a Feng Shui consultation is bases on calculation and understanding the effect of time on people and space. A passion for Classical Feng Shui, the I Ching and Four Pillars astrology developed as a result.
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Ani Williams

Ani's enchanting musical style has its roots in ancient sacred music traditions. Since 1985 Williams has been traveling and performing around the world, gathering inspiration from the Egyptian, Gnostic, Celtic, Meso-American, and Tibetan cultures. Read more arrow


Tour Faculty

Mallku (Peru Tour)

Mallku is a teacher, spiritual guide, artist and author of books on the Natural Medicine of Peru, Andean mysticism, shamanic life and the architecture of the temples, palaces and spiritual gathering places of the ancient people of South America. Read more

China Tour Faculty

Professor Wang Yang is a scholar, writer and practitioner of I Ching, Qi Gong, Astrology, Feng Shui and Traditional Chinese Medicine. His is currently Professor at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Chongqing, China.

Mr. Chen Jian is a Fengshui Master, teacher, graduated from Chongqing Univ. of Telecommunication, has been an advisor of enterprises for 10 years. He is an expert of Feng Shui, 4 Pillars and I Ching prediction.

Dr. Tang Yong is the TCM doctor of Orthopaedics Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Chong Qing, China, graduated from Chengdu University of traditional Chinese Medicine. He is a recognised expert in China on TCM, massage and acupuncture. Read more